Education lies at the heart of the progress and development of a modern nation state. In seeking to educate we are showing our commitment to nurturing and molding succeeding generation of leadership in all walks of life and a responsible sensitized accommodative world citizenry with the scale of operations envisioned by Vedant International School. We hope in time, to become the standard bearers in the educational firmament not only of India but the world at large. For this to happen it is imperative that Vedant International School is imbuded with world class infrastructure. However, infrastructure alone is, in and of itself, not enough. Within our institution we have created a culture of respect trust, care, belongings and accommodation are internalized as core beliefs by all our personnel and lived out by us in our daily lives Our children can feel their impact. This helps them to grow into respecting, trusting, caring and accommodative individuals. Keeping their best interest in mind at all times is the fulcrum around everything in the school revolves. Next the pedagogy of learning in Vedant International School is child centric It is a platform for fostering the love of learning based on understanding of the subject matter and application of what has been learnt to real life situations. At Vedant, The relationship between the educators and the children is symbiotic. In other words, it is based on mutual love and respect. The above parameters are our first building blocks. Our foundation for writing a new path breaking chapter in the history of Indian education. So let us step positivity, in relentless pursuit of excellence.