N.C.C. is the Dynamic organization of young Boys and Girls all over the country. It plays an important role in inculcating value of character, patriotism, unity and selfless service amongst the youth. It helps in shaping the youth into disciplined, responsible, confident and patriotic citizens of the country. N.C.C. organization provides a platform for self development and helps to channelize energy of the youth towards nation building. The N.C.C. unit grabs internal training like drill (with and without arms), weapon training (0.303 dp Rifle SLR, LMG), external training participate in sports / games, camps like Annual Training Camp, SthalSainik Camp, Army Attachment Camp, National Integration Camp, Republic Day Camp and adventure camps like hiking, trekking, rope climbing, river crossing, rock climbing, horse riding etc. Many of our cadets have joined Army, Navy and Air Force, Police, Para Miletery Forces.

Objectives :

  • To inspire and encourage students to serve the mother nation by joining Indian Armed forces.
  • To provide aspiring environment for UPSC level direct recruitments of Indian Army
  • To encourage students to represent the state and nation at the National and International level training
  • To provide acumen of regimental rigour for representing highest number of cadets at Republic Day Parade, New Delhi
  • Achievements:

  • Since last three years, students are being awarded with Best Cadets Every year highest number of students in the state are going for (NIC) EK BHARAT SHRESHTHA BHARAT CAMP ,CATC and many other Army camps