Health is Wealth

"Eat healthy, be wealthy, stay happy" "Stay healthy and positive about everything…A positive mindset will determine your happiness".

A positive approach leads to a healthy life. Staying healthy is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. Apart from practicing cleanliness and physical exercising, one can be wealthy health-wise by consuming a balanced and nutritious diet as it helps the proper growth of the body. Therefore, we at VEDANT encourage our students to bring only healthy food in their tiffin. We focus and practice all the 5 areas of personal health – Spiritual, Physical, Social, Mental and Environment. Vedant has been organizing healthy snacks competitions for students to explain them the importance of eating right. We organize cleanliness campaigns and plantation activity to help students understand the importance of clean & green environment. We also counsel students by teaching them the importance of spiritual and social health through various competitions on physical health.

"The only wealth you should be worried about is your health."