Green Vision Day in Honor of World Environment Day

Date: 2nd June - 5th June

Venue: Vedant International School and various locations

        In celebration of World Environment Day on June 5th, Vedant International School organized a remarkable event named “Green Vision Day.” This event spanned from June 2nd to June 5th and was a testament to our collective commitment to environmental conservation and sustainability.

With the sweltering heat in Ahmedabad and the rising temperatures, it became imperative for us to take proactive measures. Understanding that every tree can significantly contribute to improving our environment, we set an ambitious goal to plant 500 trees within these four days. The entire Vedant community, including students, teachers, and their parents, came together in this green initiative, showcasing an extraordinary level of enthusiasm and participation.

Highlights of Green Vision Day:

Tree Plantation Drive:

    • Teachers’ Contributions: Our dedicated teachers played a pivotal role in this initiative. Many of them planted trees at their homes and within the school campus. Notably, our principal, Mrs. Jyoti Shukla, planted a tree at her residence and went on to plant nearly 50 trees at the Vedant International School Maninagar campus. Mrs. Dhani Shukla, the director of Vedant International School, also made a significant contribution by planting around 20 trees, not only at the Maninagar campus but also at the Vedant International Ahmedabad campus.
    • Students and Parents’ Participation: Students, along with their parents, took part enthusiastically by planting trees in their gardens, terraces, and balconies. Their collective efforts were instrumental in achieving our goal.
    • Community Engagement: The event saw an overwhelming response from the Vedant community. Together, we managed to plant 408 trees, which is a commendable achievement towards our target of 500 trees.
    • Awareness and Education: Besides the plantation drive, various awareness sessions were conducted to educate students about the importance of trees and the need for sustainable living. These sessions emphasized how each tree planted contributes to combating climate change and enhancing biodiversity.

Green Vision Day was not just an event but a movement that brought our community closer while making a positive impact on our environment. We are proud of the collective efforts and the dedication shown by everyone involved. This initiative has set a precedent for future environmental endeavors at Vedant International School.