beyond academics

Every child has his/her own special intelligence. We, at VEDANT INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, aim to take this intelligence to a next level by assessing our students’ performance not merely through exams and tests, but also through a series of life skill achievements that the student has attained during the course of the academic curriculum.


“The co-curricular activities such as Role Play, Survey, Design posters, etc., are structured in a manner that provides students with excellent learning and prepare them practically for the future. “

School Culture

  • Students belonging to varied culture come together as one unit in the school. Taking the essence and beauty of culture, we make an effort to bend them through various celebrations of their belief faith and pride, which is essential for them to learn etiquettes and values towards the life.
  • Felling of oneness with celebration of Idd, Diwali, Christmas, Rakshabandhan etc.
  • Celebrating pride and unity on 26th January. (Republic Day), 15th August (Independence Day)

Visual Art

  • To exhibit the creativity and hard work of students, our school organizes art exhibition every year.
  • Students are also taught various activities like Tie and Dye, Acrylic painting, Needle stitch, Best From waste, Glass Painting , Craftwork, etc

Performing Arts

  • Dance is a mirror of virtues , We encourage the students to actively participate and express their emotions ,style, talent through dancing, mono acting and drama.
  • The talent of our students is showcased in the Annual Function every year.


  • “Healthy body, healthy mind”. The way of living healthy life is practiced through yoga in our school.
  • Our trained yoga teachers help the students to cultivate a healthy habit to stay fit .They even help the students to come forward at competitive level.
  • Yoga teachers help the students to meditate, which helps them increase their concentration and peace of mind.


  • Overcoming one’s weaknesses result in self confidence karate do helps to prepare a child for the upcoming challenges of life. A little encouragement and support from the mentors and parents train our children to develop to the maximum potential possible. We at Vis provide a platform to our champs to perform in an extra ordinary manner in various aspects of life whether it is examination or martial art (karate)


  • Chess improves academic performance .It not only brings out talent abilities but also promotes logical thinking instills a sense of self confidence and self worth , also improves communication and pattern recognition skills among students so we at VIS let our champs indulge all these qualities in them by not only studying hard but also through playing chess.