Paresh Shah

I was in the first batch of Vedant (2014 graduate). Nikhil Betal have played a crucial role in many member's highschool life of our batch. Pratap sir, Poornima mam, and Deshpande mam had also been great faculties.

Shaikh fardin firoz

Shahealam, danilimda,Ahmedabad
I have been connected with vedant from very beginning of my education journey ..I am very glad to say that non of the school is better than vedant .good teachers and best education .

Mohit Rajput

My schooling was definitely a learning experience. I couldn't go somewhere else with the confidence and motivation it gave me. Most importantly, it is the site where I have recognised my own identity and distinctiveness. For me, my schooling has been nothing short of a blessing, providing me with valuable joys.

Abhinandan Mehta

We’ve seen school from scratch, can be said that we are amongst one of the strongest foundation of Vedant. I personally have had many great memories with the school. Can proudly say that I am an Vedantian.

Raj Hasmukh Dhabale

All those years were memorable and joyful. Teachers were very cooperative and helpful. Infrastructures and academic yearly plans are good.

Varun Omprakash Lohar

VIS have great supporting teachers that helped us to adapt the challenging world and motivated us to out show our abilities in a particular manner.

Ashish Singh Bhadoriya

My experience in Vedant was simply wonderful

Harsh Zaveri

VIS is something which has given me immense love and knowledge. I will always cherish the life i had at VIS . After passing out we have visited several times to the school just to relive the moments . And i can proudly say that what i have achieved and what i am pursuing VIS holds a very major role in it . I will always be grateful for the time i had .